BirdsBeCool's Week 20 Ballot

1 UConn +0 - NOTICE - This week is going to be a little bit different: I'm ranking the teams based on how far I have them going in my bracket.
2 South Carolina +10 - South Carolina is going to be super pissed off that they were only a 6 seed, and they're going to ride that to the championship. Also, I'm a huge Gamecocks homer.
3Marquette +5 - Note to self: When making fried rice, use a bit less water to make the rice next time.
4 North Carolina +0 - Note to everyone: When making fried rice, scramble the eggs separately before tossing them into the wok (also, use a wok.)
5 Purdue -2 - If you scramble the eggs separately, they don't bind to the grains of rice, and the egg mixes in better. It tastes better, too.
6Houston -4 - Lifesaver Wint-O-Green Mints are super underrated.
7 Iowa State +3 - Does anyone have the link to that Ice Spice video? (jk, I'm not really into celebs)
8 Baylor +8 - I bought a bookshelf off of Gumtree recently.
9Auburn +4 - I am genuinely terrified of what Auburn can do to South Carolina, so it's easy to imagine my relief when Auburn was tossed into the same region as UConn.
10Alabama +8 - If you're rushing to downvote my reply on the Reddit thread because of my rankings, I'd advise you to reread the UConn bit.
11 Tennessee -5 - For the sake of South Carolina, I hope that Tennessee doesn't Knecht the dots when it comes to why they lose to teams like Miss St.
12 Arizona +3 - Peregrine falcons are the best birds.
13Kentucky -6 - Conversely, chickens are the worst birds. I hold this view despite the fact that I'm a Gamecocks fan.
14 Gonzaga +3 - I hope that the Falcons have to switch their 1.08 pick with the Vikings' 1.23 pick for tampering with Kirk Cousins.
15BYU +5 - There's a giant foam cutout of Matthew Stafford's head hanging on my wall, despite the fact that I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan.
16 Vermont NR - Vermont Linsanity run incoming! The Catamounts are gonna be messing up a team near you come March (XX)th.
17 Creighton -12 - I actually love Creighton's odds to make the championship, but my bias towards South Carolina stopped that from happening in my bracket.
18 Illinois -4 - In the replies to my reply on the Reddit thread, I would like everyone that has read this far to say "Diet Dr. Pepper" so that I can know who actually read this weird bs that I wrote.
19 Kansas -8 - Why is this one pronounced Kan-sas but this one is not pronounced Ar-kan-sas?! AMERICA EXPLAIN.
20Wisconsin NR - RC Cola is mad underrated.
21 Clemson NR - The fact that a lot of your OWN FANS didn't want you to be in March Madness is pretty sad.
22 San Diego State NR - The NFL should force the Chargers to move back to San Diego.
23 Washington State NR - I'm not entirely sure where Pullman, WA is.
24 NC State NR - Can y'all change your logo to something that isn't just the mascot in a sailor hat?
25 Florida Atlantic NR - What the actual fuck is stoichiometry?

Overall Rationale

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