RagingLasagna's Week 20 Ballot

1 UConn Tell me why they won't repeat
2 Houston Did Kelvin tell them to lose on purpose to give them self motivation?
3Purdue I don't even dislike Zach Edey, but he has a better whistle than Jokic
4 North Carolina Ultimate chess move to let Keatts get a 2 year extension just so they can beat him 4 more times
5 Iowa State Most impressive performance of the weekend. Don't let them get hot
6Auburn I have NO idea why they're a 4 seed
7 Marquette Is this the year the Shaka makes his SECOND Sweet 16?
8 Arizona The Arizona-UNC matchup dream is alive
9Tennessee Hate to see a first round exit, so you get jumped by 2 conference champs
10Illinois RagingLasagna called the auto bid. Check the tape
11 Creighton Still bullish on this squad
12 Kentucky Super high ceiling, very low floor
13Baylor Feels like the most benign team here
14 Duke Are Duke fans starting to have internal conversations about Scheyer?
15Saint Mary's Randy Bennett deserves to have a deep run
16 Alabama Definition of feast or famine. Should have equal odds to lose first round and make Elite Eight
17 Gonzaga Openly ranking them top 20 and do not expect them to make the second weekend
18 South Carolina Lamont Paris vs. Dan Hurley for Coach of the Year?
19 Utah State 6 bid Mountain West should bring world peace
20San Diego State They're making another run. In Dutch we trust
21 Florida The Golden boys
22 Kansas Are they gonna win a game?
24 Texas Tech Lots of respect to a first year coach who puts the team in a position to succeed and make a run
25 James Madison Bookending this with the two teams that have the most wins in the country

Overall Rationale

HM: BYU, McNeese State, Drake, Colorado, Dayton