Zloggt's Week 20 Ballot

1 UConn The bestest team of the tournament…and for good reason…
2 Houston Has a better resume to NOT be leapfrogged by Iowa State…but still, going 1-2 against them (especially after Saturday) is tough…
3Iowa State As such, ISU is THE most #1-seedy #2-seed, if you ask me…
4 Purdue Didn’t make the final…but at least they only BARELY lost to Wisconsin…
5 North Carolina …compared to the Tar Heels, who have lost more to some more questionable teams (sorry ACC, but it’s kinda true…). Still better than Tennessee and Arizona though lol
6Marquette Why am I so high on the Golden Eagles? Idk…maybe I just rate the Big East that fairly…
7 Tennessee Lol Vols (I think they'll bounce back, but good lord did they fudge it up badly...)
8 Auburn Same with Iowa State here - still weaker resume-wise, but at least this week is a big boost for the Tigers...
11 Illinois
12 Baylor
14 Duke
15Saint Mary's The best mid-major (as of now)!
16 Gonzaga
17 Texas Tech
18 San Diego State
19 BYU
20Kansas Injuries DO suck, and DO ruin your performance. With that being said...hahaha!
21 South Carolina
22 Utah State
23 Florida
24 New Mexico
25 Alabama Gotta admit...I probably underrated Bama last time...but I suppose this is a more justified spot for the Tide...

Overall Rationale

This is the part of the season where these don't matter anymore. Still, I suppose this serves well as my own personal "seeding" (or at least momentum-based seeding) going into the Real Deal...let's see what happens now, shall we? ;)