ItsTheTenthDoctor's Week 20 Ballot

1 UConn There's never any doubts in my mind Because I'm the best in the world Even though a lot of you don't like to hear that I just, it's facts, I'm the best, you know what I mean? I, sometimes, I don't wan
2 Houston I'm
3Purdue Shipping
4 North Carolina Up
5 Tennessee To
6Marquette Boston
7 Iowa State Ayyyyyyeeee
8 Arizona OOohhhhhhhhhhhh
9Baylor wanna believe in myself But it's the truth, I'm the best And I'm just convinced, you know what I mean? These fellas, how dare them challenge me With their somewhat primiti-primitive skills They're jus
11 Illinois
12 Kentucky
14 Duke
16 BYU
17 San Diego State
18 Wisconsin
19 Kansas
21 Saint Mary's
22 South Carolina
23 Texas Tech
24 Florida
25 Clemson

Overall Rationale

I made this starting at 9:50 am. Would have liked to make a big funny final one but Happy St. Paddies day from Boston haha.