peachios's Week 3 Ballot

1 North Carolina i did my poll submitted twice and then it didnt save... now reasons are sad
2 Houston this is pre oregon
3Kansas just coming in after last year good duke win
4 Texas nice ass win
5 Gonzaga beat kentucky so not just gonna lose to top tier talent and size
6Michigan State nice kentucky win, even their loss doesnt look too bad
7 Virginia some strong early wins showing us
8 Creighton caw caw
9Duke tough loss close,but also young team
10Arizona didnt know utah tech was a school
11 Indiana solid x avier win
12 Auburn easy sched so far
13Alabama bama bros close
14 Baylor mixed week, virginia looking good tho and a solid win against ucla even tho they dropped a bit
15Illinois similar to baylor with a good win and a loss that looks better i think
16 Kentucky rough week, tho the losses were top 6 teams
17 Tennessee
18 San Diego State
19 Purdue
20Ohio State
21 UConn
22 Texas Tech
23 UCLA rough week tho lost to two great teams close
24 Virginia Tech early season undefeated vt seems like early 2010s or whenever that happened a bit
25 Iowa huh so the good murray stays

Overall Rationale