TommyTwoTaps's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas LW: 1 ... the Southern Utah escape is excusable given the Duke win prior
2 Texas LW: 11 (+9) ... dominating victory over the Zags = the big jump up
3Virginia LW: 16 (+13) ... two ranked wins moves them ahead of others, almost considered for the top spot
4 Houston LW: 5 (+1) ... beating Oregon and winning handily in every other game, impressively take care of business all the time in non conference games they should handle
5 North Carolina LW: 3 (-2) ... haven't necessarily looked dominant when they should be winning more convincingly
6Arkansas LW: 8 (+2) ... wasn't sure about this one, could see them drop as the non conference schedule isn't that impressive
7 Gonzaga LW: 2 (-5) ... followed up that ugly loss with a convincing win over Kentucky
8 Baylor LW: 4 (-4) ... Good bounce back against UCLA
9Creighton LW: 10 (+1) ... not showing much weakness against lower level competition, offense looks strong
10Indiana LW: 12 (+2) ... held off Xavier and have handled everyone else thus far
11 Auburn LW: 13 (+2) ... haven't been tested too much, will be intrigued to see what they look like then they are finally though it could be a few weeks
12 Duke LW: 7 (-5) ... couldn't quite rally against Kansas, nothing too challenging coming up this week
13Arizona LW: 14 (+1) ... would like to see the defense be a little better, but offense looks sharp
14 San Diego State LW: 16 (+2) ... a pair of good wins against BYU and Stanford thus far, not sure what I was talking about last week
15UCLA LW: 9 (-6) ... two losses, but competitive ones to ranked teams so the drop isn't as severe
16 Michigan State LW: NR ... surprised BPI has them this low given a ranked win, win vs NOVA and a 1 pt loss to a top-10 team
17 Kentucky LW: LW: 6 (-11) ... loss to Michigan St is fine in 2OT, loss to the Zags causes the big drop
18 Illinois LW: 23 (+5) ... despite a loss, the high quality ranked win against UCLA has them up spots
19 Alabama LW: 19 (-) ... haven't really played anyone that serious, but they've won handily
20Texas Tech LW: 21 (+1) ... see above for them as well
21 UConn LW: NR ... Have been in control for much of the season
22 Saint Mary's LW: NR ... no surprise they find their way in the rankings, appears to be another good Saint Mary's team
23 Iowa LW: NR ... picked up a nice win against Seton Hall, defense has looked good thus far
24 Maryland LW: NR ... so far they haven't had the usual Maryland non-conference scare against an inferior opponent. Terps have played really good, handling St Louis and Miami
25 Tennessee LW: NR ... back into the top-25 despite playing only FGCU, probably shouldn't have dropped last week but wanted to keep it as unbeatens

Overall Rationale

OUT: TCU (15), Dayton (18), Michigan (20), TAMU (22), UC Irvine (24), Grambling (25) Also considered: Purdue, Mississippi State, Va Tech, Ohio State, Utah State A lot of teams out after the first week of meaningful games. Figured that would be the case and likely will continue to shift a lot the next few weeks. Also considered will soon become '26-30' once things are more settled.