Mills_Miles's Week 3 Ballot

1 Texas After seeing Gonzaga smoke Kentucky, it makes their win all the more impressive
2 Houston
3Virginia I was not high on Virginia this year, but they've been proving me very wrong so far with having an actual offense for once. Momentum from tragedies seems to get teams far, they shoot up to my top 5
4 North Carolina
5 Kansas
7 Arkansas
8 Baylor
11 Auburn
12 Arizona
14 Indiana
16 UCLA I feel I'm being to nice here, but they did hang with Baylor and Illinois for the most part
17 Iowa
18 Kentucky
19 San Diego State
21 Texas Tech
22 Michigan State this team is gonna give East Lansing residents heart attacks every game aren't they
23 Saint Mary's
24 Maryland
25 Charleston y'all finally won the tournament in your home building. I'll give them the nod, UCONN at 26

Overall Rationale