andyduke23's Week 3 Ballot

1 Arizona 5-0, and has been playing the best basketball, with the best win coming against previously #2 Duke.
2 Kansas They beat Kentucky, and had blowout wins.
3Purdue Beat Xavier by 12, next test is Gonzaga.
4 UConn 4 dominant wins coming off a national title run.
5 Duke Duke jumps into the top 5 after beating Michigan State by 9.
6Tennessee They just have been playing good basketball, with a 10 point win over Wisconsin.
7 Marquette They just beat a ranked Illinois team.
8 Houston Had a scare with Utah, but held on.
9Creighton Beat Iowa in a high scoring game.
10Kentucky No shame in outplaying Kansas for most of the game and still losing.
11 Gonzaga They played solid in their 2 wins.
12 Nevada Held Pacific to 39 points. 4-0
13Mississippi State 5-0, including a W over Washington State.
14 North Carolina They played great in the 3 games they played.
15Alabama 4 Blowout wins.
16 Clemson 4-0, just beat Boise State
17 Florida Blew out FSU.
18 Iowa State 4 Blowout wins.
19 Arkansas The UNCG loss was bad, but they have the talent, by the end of the season, they should be a top 10 team.
20Memphis Played really well, held Missouri to 55.
21 TCU 4 Blowout wins.
22 BYU They just have been playing well. The SDSU win isn't that impressive though, as SDSU is massively overrated.
23 Princeton The cinderella magic continues. 4-0 with a win against Big-10 team Rutgers.
24 Illinois Played Marquette close.
25 Drake 2 words. Tucker. DeVries.

Overall Rationale

Dropouts: Miami(10) Villanova(14) St Johns(15) Texas(16) USC(17) Michigan State(18) FAU(19) Xavier(22) Boise State(23) Miami dropped out for almost losing to and being outplayed by a 0-3 FIU team (A team that lost to Tarlelton State 82-65). Texas dropped out for only beating Louisville by 1. The other teams dropped out for losses.