brvheart's Week 3 Ballot

1 Arizona Nobody has a bigger win. @#2 Duke. In front of a crazy crowd. They took them down on the road by 5.
2 Kansas Big win against Kentucky on a neutral court here in Chicago. I was at the game. KU would have been my #1 had Arizona not won on the road @Duke.
4 Purdue
5 UConn
7 Tennessee
8 Creighton
9Gonzaga They should have beaten Yale by more than 15, so I'll be watching their games for the next few weeks to decide if this is too high or too low. It could be either pretty easily.
11 Miami (FL) A solid win against a Big 12 team means that Miami is probably pretty legit. I expect them to climb.
12 Iowa State
13Texas A&M
14 Marquette
15Mississippi State
16 Virginia
17 North Carolina
18 BYU
19 Colorado
21 Oklahoma
22 Texas As is the case with all sports -one small thing changes- and things look very different. They beat Louisville by 1 with no time on the clock, which keeps them ranked.
23 Liberty They looked great against a probable tourney team in Vermont.
24 Kentucky I almost never rank teams with losses this early in the season. I think preseason polls poison the well too often. And Duke already lost a home game. But they lost against my #1 by basically 3 if
25 Duke not for a meaningless dunk, so they get ranked. Kentucky also put up a good fight in Chicago to my #2 so they are ranked for the same reason.

Overall Rationale