ItsTheTenthDoctor's Week 3 Ballot

1 UConn Weee Are Theeee Championssssss, My Enemies!
2 Kansas Put the mid in midwest
3Purdue Is that Clingan
4 Marquette Market
5 Arizona Dope logo
6Houston No! Sleep! Till Houston!
7 Creighton That Iowa State coach be coaching
8 Gonzaga Undervalued Gonzaga?
9Miami (FL) Was in florida not long ago. UMiami has a nice campus in Gainsville.
10Texas A&M Tylonal PM
11 Tennessee They the only 10 I C
12 Duke They gonna Duke
13Baylor Baelor
14 North Carolina Fun Fact the C is a sideways U for UNC
15Texas Austin is legitimately dope
16 Kentucky Tentucky
17 Alabama To the placeeeeee I belongggggggg
18 Florida Atlantic Sucks cause I do think they're still really good but they deserve to be ranked like 24 rn
19 San Diego State Literally same comment as above
20Princeton They got heart. You can't teach that at your gimmic Ivy Leage Schools.
21 James Madison "Did you know they're also ranked in college football"
22 Illinois Illi22ois
24 Virginia Virgins ya?
25 Iowa State Wanted to put like 21 but hard to put over others

Overall Rationale

This was made Sunday Morning while watching Sunday Morning so I wasn't able to factor in UConn's win over Indiana yet and other games.