Boom_Confetti's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas Kansas firmly pushes up to #1 over Purdue after looking very impressive against Kentucky
2 Purdue Pushed down 1 spot, still really haven’t played anyone but that’s about to change
4 Houston
5 Arizona
6UConn Slight shuffling in this range, since Duke still doesn’t look fantastic
7 Duke
8 Creighton
9Texas A&M I still believe A&M will win the SEC but damn did Kentucky look good
11 Tennessee
12 Gonzaga
13Miami (FL)
14 Colorado
15Kentucky Haven’t played anyone but I remain very high on this team
16 Alabama Only drop 2 spots, bc I actually feel better about this team than I did before Kansas
17 North Carolina
18 Virginia
19 Oregon Looked good even without Dante
20James Madison Was behind the curve on ranking JMU, that’s been corrected
21 Memphis
22 BYU
23 Florida Took a tough loss to a good UVA, but absolutely obliterated FSU
24 Florida Atlantic Still think this is a good team, but 25 is all I can justify after losing to Bryant
25 USC UC Irvine is not representative of how good this team will be, imho

Overall Rationale

Duke is not a bad loss, but MSU will remain out until they hit a three pointer. Was completely planning to rank Texas but only beating Louisville by 1 knocks them down considerably UCLA at #26, Arkansas at #27, Illinois at #28, SDSU at #29, Texas at #30, MSU at #31 As of 8:00 central on Sunday