willweaverrva's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas Moving Kansas to #1 due to higher quality win.
2 Purdue
4 Marquette
5 Houston Houston's 10-point win over Utah and 14-point win over Dayton capped off a great week for them.
7 Tennessee
8 Arizona Correcting my great error of having Arizona ranked below Duke at last. Two straight 100-point games also helps.
9Texas A&M
11 Gonzaga They played a non-D1 opponent and destroyed them. I don't like that, but there's no real reason to move them.
12 North Carolina
13Miami (FL)
14 Texas
16 Kentucky
17 Baylor
18 Oregon
19 BYU
21 USC New to ballot
22 San Diego State New to ballot
23 James Madison JMU's still here but their schedule hurts them. They have a non-D1 game coming up and one of the "almost famous" teams could possibly leapfrog them that week with a good win.
24 Virginia
25 Memphis New to ballot

Overall Rationale

Fell out of poll: Florida Atlantic (10), Villanova (21). Almost famous: Colorado, Oklahoma, TCU, Mississippi State, Michigan State, Utah. Mostly based on metrics (KP, Torvik, Haslametrics) and eye test for games I was able to watch.