Ok_Professional_5998's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas Weren't the most dominant team but remain undefeated, and did that against a ranked team
2 Arizona Murdered their buy game opponents.
3UConn More like MIDdiana amirite
4 Purdue Purdue University
5 Houston Houston
6Marquette Beat a ranked team!
7 Creighton Beat a non-ranked team.
8 Tennessee
9Texas A&M
10Gonzaga they should be ranked higher but why is a power team scheduling a Non-D1 team, that pisses me off
11 BYU Listen I hate BYU as much as the next guy but they've been playing (sigh) good basketball.
12 Princeton There is not a reason not to rank them here.
13Iowa State
14 Nevada UNReal how they've been performing
16 Alabama boo
17 Miami (FL) The U
18 North Carolina Probably a top 15 team but I hate them
19 Mississippi State 5-0 team, 1 of 2
20Purdue Fort Wayne Stop calling them IPFW or I possibly f'ing will be mad. 5-0 team, 2 of 2.
21 Virginia
23 James Madison The fun belt.
24 Colorado
25 Liberty Listen i don't like that i'm doing this either

Overall Rationale

baskemtbal. not ranking any teams with any losses