Mills_Miles's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas No movement among the top 7. Although Marquette had a less convincing win than UConn, im gonna keep as is for now
2 Marquette
4 Arizona
5 Houston
7 Creighton
8 Purdue
9Alabama good wins against the tune-ups, first test comes this week
10Gonzaga Gonzaga realized if they just never play games they won't be kicked off the map
11 Baylor
12 Duke
13Miami (FL)
14 Virginia
15Texas A&M
16 Mississippi State daWWWWWgs. I dont see NW as a huge threat, but managing to comeback against a bubble team is alright in my eyes
17 Kentucky Yes, im QUALITY LOSSing Kentucky up 5 spots. The other ranked teams that lost not only didn't lose to the #1 team, but actually looked like they could win. They probably beat UNCG, just sayin
18 Nevada Alright, let's get weird with it. Convincing win in Seattle. Dominating the other WCC teams this week. I like what Ive seen so far and they fill in the gaps with all the upsets this week
19 Memphis I never know how to assess teams that I initially ranked because they beat a team (Missouri) that just got embarrassed (Jackson St)
20Iowa State Domination so far. Yes, it's a cakewalk schedule, but the analytics really like the cyclones. Im inclined to agree
21 Pitt Same type of domination as Iowa State, though less favor from the nerds
22 UCLA I expect you to lose by 20 today ftr. On paper I love you but that Lafayette game is still a yikes
23 North Carolina You haven't lost. Thats more than others can say. Have a KitKat.
24 Texas No. Thats a loss in my eyes. You made Kenny Payne look competent. Shameful.
25 BYU Its Mormon time. I will now give the delayed reward for beating SDSU

Overall Rationale

FAU man, what the hell was that. USC and Arkansas I can see coming back after their upsets this week, but you guys have a hill to climb. TCU managed despite the loss to NW State last year, but I will label you as frauds until otherwise shown.