brainj5471's Week 3 Ballot

1 Arizona Still have the best win in the nation look well rounded
2 Kansas
4 UConn Doesn’t look like any step back from last year
5 Marquette Tough road win earns respect
7 Creighton Last team in my top tier contenders
8 Duke
10Texas A&M
11 Gonzaga
12 Baylor
13Alabama Analytics love them but haven’t played a good team yet
14 Miami (FL)
15Kentucky Loss to Kansas doesn’t hurt at all
16 Virginia
17 Memphis
18 Auburn Nice MTE performance
19 San Diego State
20Texas Took to the buzzer by Kenny Pain?
21 Mississippi State
22 Colorado Buffs have it moving offensively
23 BYU Beat SDSU last week I should have put them in then
24 North Carolina
25 Iowa State

Overall Rationale

Next 5 (Good teams that lost bad games): Michigan State, USC, FAU, Arkansas Also Nevada shoutout to them