DCProf's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas #17 BPI SOR, beat Kentucky
2 Purdue #29 BPI SOR, beat Xavier
3Marquette #5 BPI SOR, win at Illinois
4 Arizona #1 BPI SOR, best win of season at Duke
5 Creighton #25 BPI SOR, beat Iowa
6Tennessee #6 BPI SOR, win at Wisconsin
7 Duke Beat Michigan State
8 UConn Easily handled Indiana
9Houston #16 BPI SOR, won MTE event
10Texas A&M #4 BPI SOR, win at Ohio State
11 Baylor #8 BPI SOR, beat Auburn
12 North Carolina
13Miami (FL) #13 BPI SOR, beat Kansas State
14 Gonzaga
16 James Madison #2 BPI SOR, won at Michigan State
17 Michigan State Loses to Duke and JMU, impressive against Butler
18 Texas Unimpressive against Arkansas
19 USC Loss to UC Irvine but quality mid-major won't drop them out of top 25.
20Illinois Lost to Marquette
21 Florida Atlantic Bad loss to Bryant on cold shooting night (5/30 from 3)
22 Memphis #14 BPI SOR, convincing win at Missouri
23 Clemson #26 BPI SOR, multiple quality wins.
24 San Diego State
25 Alabama

Overall Rationale

Fell out: #16 Villanova, #23 Saint Mary's, #24 Wisconsin. Also considered: Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi State