Stepkeyt's Week 3 Ballot

1 Arizona (1) I still really like this team
2 Purdue (4) going to be very similar to others I wanna see how they do in Maui but things look so good so far
3Kansas (5) solid win against Kentucky lets see how they do in Maui
4 UConn (3) Solid Team I like what I have seen so far out of them curious to see what they do against Texas
5 Marquette (7) Nice road win against illinois and again they are playing in Maui what a stacked group
6Houston (6) Did really solid in the Charleston Classic and once again look like one of the best teams in the country
7 Tennessee (2) Ranked them too high because of having one of the better wins still a really good team though.
8 Gonzaga (8) I wanna see them against some better competition Yale are solid but Maui is the true test.
9Creighton (11) Great looking team so far into the season with an high octane offense.
10Duke (18) put them too low based on one loss but still a very good looking team.
11 Miami (FL) (12) They have looked solid but from here on out i'm not fully sold on some of these lower teams
12 Texas A&M (13) I'm not fully sold on this team while they have showed flashes I want to see more out of them to be confident with how I have them ranked.
13Alabama (21) Haven't faced too hard of competition but they sure score a ton and compared to all of these teams losing buy games not a bad start.
14 Baylor (17) They have looked solid so far and have a good looking win over Auburn who has looked good themselves.
15Kentucky (19) Despite a loss to Kansas they have looked a lot better than a lot of teams that follow behind them.
16 James Madison (16) Despite having a tough game against Radford I just find these next set of teams to be blurry and that a bigger sample size will help sort out the rankings more
17 Texas (20) After today Idk where I stand on this Texas team as they just struggled mightily against a bad Louisville team.
18 North Carolina (23) They haven't played many games but aren't losing their buy games.
19 Mississippi State (22) They have looked solid so far and have some decent looking wins this far into the season.
20Auburn (NR) They have looked solid so far and their only loss is to a good looking Baylor squad
21 Virginia (NR) Solid win over a good looking Florida team as well as taking care of business in buy games
22 Colorado (NR) They have a solid squad and haven't lost a buy game but I do want to see more out of this team
23 Memphis (24) I want to see more out of them and get the chance this week.
24 BYU (25) I want to see more out of this team but a good win so far into the season
25 Michigan State (NR) Filling out these last few spots are tough while I don't necessarily believe in this team they look better than most of the teams I am considering.

Overall Rationale

Dropped Out:#9 Florida Atlantic, #10 Arkansas, #14 USC, #15 Villanova. There were some terrible losses for these teams that I dropped. While Villanova did destroy Maryland, they haven't looked that good. USC did have some injuries, but you have to have some depth and be able to play without a top player or two, especially against a big game. I think the rest of feast week should help clear up the rankings but also that December will show us a clearer picture when teams figure out their identities as a team. I am mostly considering the team's results and a mix of the eye tests so far.