TheRealHenryG's Week 3 Ballot

1 Purdue Dominant so far. Should cover against Gonzaga.
2 Marquette @Illinois is an awesome win.
3Arizona @Duke is the best win in the country. Liked Marquette more coming into the year.
4 Kansas Like the Kentucky win more than the Wisconsin win that Tennessee has.
5 Tennessee Tennessee hasn't done anything wrong but other teams have really impressed. Too early to tell.
6Houston Handled red-hot Utah and Dayton teams, pulled away with ease in the second half.
7 Creighton win over Iowa.
8 UConn I think Indiana is pretty bad so that win doesn't move the needle for me.
9Baylor win over Auburn.
10Kentucky Played great against Kansas.
11 Duke Michigan State win is a great rebound.
12 Texas A&M Some close wins lately. Something to watch. Win @ Ohio State
13Alabama Utterly dominant so far
14 Gonzaga Win over good Yale team. Undefeated. Will move them down if they lose by 10+ to Purdue.
15Miami (FL) despite nearly losing to FIU, Miami has proven me wrong so far this year.
16 Auburn Great tournament. Good rebound after Baylor loss.
17 Virginia Getting a lot of hype but won by 3 in their only high major game. Something to watch.
18 BYU Beat SDSU. Undefeated.
19 Mississippi State Three power conference wins
20James Madison Radford was a close call. One more, and I will drop them.
21 Memphis win at missouri
22 Arkansas Saw the loss to UNCG, can't unsee the exhibition against Purdue.
23 Oregon win over Georgia. Undefeated.
24 Liberty Volume of wins against good comp
25 Providence 2/3 in power conf. games

Overall Rationale

26-30: San Diego State, Florida, Illinois, Iowa State, Pittsburgh