Jaymoney00's Week 3 Ballot

1 Arizona Road win at Duke trumps all.
2 Kansas A lot of their issues that I fear for this team flared up against Kentucky. But they came back and won so hey got to give them some benefit of the doubt.
4 Houston Winner of the Charleston Classic!
5 Purdue Solid win against Xavier. Xavier may be frauds though.
6Creighton Gavitt Games dub against Iowa. Looking strong!
7 Tennessee
8 Baylor Need more info on Auburn but Ja'Kobe is a dog.
9UConn Looked dominant against IU.
10Duke Still a quality team and got big win against MIchigan State on Tuesday
11 Mississippi State 3 wins against decent teams already!
12 Texas A&M
13Miami (FL)
14 Kentucky Impressive performance on tuesday but also an impressive choke.
15James Madison They will stay in the top 25 until they lose. Road win against Michigan State will continue to hold weight.
16 Gonzaga They will probably go up once they work through their tournament schedule
17 Alabama Play more tough opponents please.
18 Virginia
19 Auburn
20North Carolina Waiting for Tennessee game.
21 TCU waiting for Clemson game (really?)
22 Colorado waiting for Miami game
23 Michigan State Good recovery late in the weak. AJ Hoggard shot chucker?
24 Princeton undefeated with road win at Rutgers
25 Texas Oh my god what was that. Probably pure bias is the only reason why they're still in the top 25.

Overall Rationale

These rankings are pretty pointless until feast week takes place and we learn a LOT about a bunch of teams. Pretty much all of these teams are undefeated unless it's a good loss (for some teams who played teams close). Criteria is all garble and it's boring to just copy Kenpom and Torvik. Let the tourneys begin tomorrow!!!!