BlueGreenMikey's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas Prev (1) Looked great in their one win this week against Kentucky.
2 Purdue Prev (2) Still has the best player in the country and now has a good early season win over Xavier.
3Arizona Prev (4) Continued to look great this week in two games against weaker opponents. Moved up over MU since UA has shown the Duke win was not fluke-y.
4 Marquette Prev (3) Collected a great road win at Illinois. Dropping 3 to 4 is not a reflection of Marquette but more of Arizona.
5 UConn Prev (5) Continued to look very good, especially in game against Indiana.. Texas will be a true test to see whether this is a Top 5 team.
6Tennessee Prev (6) Looked good in an easy win last week. Big tests against Syracuse and at UNC this week to see if they are a true Top 6 team.
7 Duke Prev (7) Looked great against Michigan State, and another solid easy win. The blemish against Arizona is merely that.
8 Miami (FL) Prev (9) Three good wins this week, including strong ones over KState and Georgia. Can the defense hold up?
9Houston Prev (10) Six good wins so far, including now against Utah and Dayton. Still waiting for a statement victory, though.
10Creighton Prev (11) Very strong win against Iowa, looks great so far.
11 Texas Prev (8) Dropped 3 spots due to a very poor showing against a bad Louisville team.
12 Gonzaga Prev (13) Crazy to have only played two games so far. Stoked for their Monday matchup against Purdue.
13Baylor Prev (15) Opened with a solid win against Auburn, but won't be tested again for a while. Continuing to play well.
14 Kentucky Prev (20) Nearly knocked off #1 and has looked strong otherwise.
15Alabama Prev (16) Continued to play well against weak opponents.
16 Colorado Prev (18) Same as Bama.
17 Texas A&M Prev (22) Has two good road wins on the season so far, not many teams can say that.
18 Illinois Prev (23) Had a good shot at my #4 team and has looked strong otherwise.
19 Iowa State Prev (25) Hasn't really played anyone yet, but has destroyed all comers so far. Looks very good
20BYU Prev (NR) Got the good win against San Diego State, and destroyed other weak competition. Nod over UCLA for having a better win.
21 UCLA Prev (NR) Has looked good against weak opponents so far. Not super confident in this being a Top 25 team, but other teams are losing badly so.
22 Drake Prev (24) Underwhelming this week, but has found some scoring options outside DeVries, so that's good for them.
23 Oregon Prev (NR) I feel less confident about Oregon than UCLA. Has an OK win.
24 Virginia Prev (NR) The close Florida game seemed like a bad sign, but Florida has been OK outside of losing to Virginia. Looks like a defensive juggernaut.
25 North Carolina Prev (NR) I feel less confident about UNC than Oregon.

Overall Rationale

Dropped Florida Atlantic (12, godawful loss) USC (14, young team with major speed bumps, not terrible loss) Arkansas (17, bad loss and looked subpar in win) Michigan State (19, they need to show something against Arizona on Thanksgiving to get their spot back) St. John's (21, yeah, this isn't working) Also considering San Diego State (BYU loss not bad in hindsight, ahead of USC for less bad loss, good wins in Vegas), USC (see above), Auburn (looked OK since close first-game Baylor loss), Michigan State (see above) Memphis/Nevada/Pitt/Miss. St./Oklahoma/TCU (all computer friendly, no bad games so far), Arkansas (see above)