bkervick's Week 3 Ballot

1 Purdue
2 UConn
4 Marquette
5 Creighton
7 Tennessee
8 Arizona
11 Alabama Alabama is humming right now, they're now on the edge of the top 10 moving up 1 spot.
12 Texas A&M Up 2 thanks to losses.
13Baylor Up 2 thanks to losses.
14 North Carolina UNC doesn't do much but moves up 3 spots just by not being bad.
15Michigan State Mich St righted the ship with 2 strong performances, but they did not look particularly good in the Duke game, so they fall a bit further.
16 Texas I kept Texas where they were instead of moving them up after their win over Louisville. Not inspiring.
17 Kentucky Kentucky moves up 1 spot with 2 strong results (including the neutral loss to Kansas)..
18 Miami (FL) Miami took care of business against the teams put in front of them, and I've moved them up from 21 to 18.
19 Florida Atlantic Florida Atlantic with a really putrid performance drops from 13 to 19.
20Mississippi State Mississippi State debuts at 20. They've got 3 decent neutral court wins already.
21 Illinois Illinois hangs with top 5 Marquette, I only dropped them 1 spot..
22 Auburn Auburn debuts at 22 for me this week. The Baylor loss is looking solid and they had 2 strong performances this week.
23 Memphis Memphis didn't play well but moves up by default.
24 Iowa State Hasn't beaten anybody, but the efficiency has been impressive.
25 UCLA UCLA with a quiet week clings to 25, but they did get Berke cleared.

Overall Rationale

My top 10 all went undefeated this week and none of them really underachieved expectations in wins either, so no reason at all to change them. Villanova falls out of the poll with their loss to Penn from #22, despite the strong rebound performance against Maryland. USC falls out of the poll with their loss to UC Irvine from #23. They're both still in the top 30 for me. Arkansas with a mediocre win and a bad performance falls out of the poll 7 spots to #26. Colorado, Clemson, BYU, SDSU, and Virginia also under consideration.