fancycheesus's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas +2 Finally voting in Kansas over Purdue because of the kentucky win. Once Purdue wins the maui tournament, they will be back at 1
2 Purdue -1 See Number One
3Arizona -1 See number one
4 Duke Still believe people overreacted by moving duke down too many spots for the arizona loss.
5 UConn No slip ups yet
6Marquette +1 I feel like spots 6-9 are just splitting hairs whichever way. No drastic separation to me
7 Houston -1 see number 6
8 Tennessee see number 6
9Gonzaga see number 6 Maui is gonna reshuffle the top 10 anyway
10Baylor +1 Inheriting Arkansas's spot
11 Kentucky +3 strong performance against Kansas. I wonder about consistency, but I wonder if Kentucky had 1 of their 3 bigs if they dont win that game
12 Creighton +1 no slip ups yet
13Texas A&M +2 no slip ups yet. BUT Aggies are shooting 24% from 3 so far. If that doesn't improve the SEC is gonna pack the paint like they did against arkansas last year
14 Miami (FL) +4 been taking care of bidness
15North Carolina +5 really just inheriting spots since i'm moving Arkansas, FAU, Texas, and Auburn down
16 Arkansas -6 Arkansas shot 40% from 3 for the first 3 games and then came out 1-17 against a hot UNCG team that shot 40% from 3. UNCG will win their conference and be in the tournament. Not a disastrous loss
17 Texas -1 Nobody should be letting Kenny Payne take them down to the wire
18 Auburn -1 still riding this hot take so I can brag about being right first when Auburn starts popping off in conference play
19 Virginia +5 inheriting a lot of spots because the bottom 5 is basically wide open between 10 teams
20Michigan State NR Enough time has passed that I'm putting MSU back in the top 25.
21 Memphis NR 21-25 is an open scramble. You could rearrange these and the next 3-5 out in any order
22 Florida Atlantic -10 There hasn't been an undefeated national champion since 1976. Not ready to unrank them yet
23 Illinois -2 I dont want to punish Illinois for scheduling a ranked matchup, but its just how my shuffling worked
24 James Madison +1 Survive and advance
25 USC -6 I'm not gonna unrank them because they are a freshmen heavy class that was missing a star pg for the UCI game.

Overall Rationale

I think this is the most irrelevant week of rankings because feast week is fixing to undo all of this. Next 5 out: Michigan, Villanova, Bama, Colorado, Miss. St.