zags-not-zogs's Week 3 Ballot

1 Purdue (1)
2 Kansas (2)
3Marquette (3)
4 Houston (4)
5 Arizona (5)
6Creighton (6)
7 Tennessee (7)
8 UConn (8)
9Duke (9)
10Texas A&M (10)
11 North Carolina (11)
12 Kentucky (13) My opinion of this team, like many, actually increased this week despite losing to Kansas
13Gonzaga (14)
14 Baylor (20)
15Miami (FL) (21)
16 Texas (18)
17 Colorado (22)
18 Alabama (23)
19 Memphis (24)
20Mississippi State (25)
21 Michigan State (19) Loss to Duke is not concerning; showed promise against Alcorn State
22 Villanova (15) A loss on the road in the Palestra is forgivable. They bounced back very well against a struggling Maryland team
23 USC (17) Losing to a decent UC Irvine team without Boogie Ellis or Kobe Johnson is excusable. Didn't look amazing against Brown the next game, however. The convincing KSU win keeps me believing in them
24 Arkansas (16) Should not lose to UNCG at home. Still believe this team can be good, though.
25 Florida Atlantic (12) By far the worst loss this week (of the season?). Dusty May seemed to chalk it up to poor shooting, mostly. I tentatively believe him.

Overall Rationale

I try not to overreact to teams' immediate wins/losses and try to look instead at how good I think they are (i.e. eye test, metrics, etc.). Next 5: San Diego State, Virginia, BYU, Iowa State, Nevada