RagingLasagna's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas Big win and they're shooting almost 58% from the field as a team
2 Purdue Kansas 1a, Purdue 1b and then there's a gap
3Arizona Going in to Cameron and winning is uber impressive and that'll have weight for a few weeks
4 Marquette Good win over Illinois, enough to jump UConn
5 UConn Defending champs and they're winning games, nothing else to add
6Duke The best loss in the country and that's why you can stay in the top 10 with a loss by Week 3
7 Creighton Ryan Kalkbrenner please get flu shots and vaccines I want to see you dominate in the coming weeks and months
8 Houston Winning 4 games in one week is impressive
9Tennessee Tennessee is just Tennessee. No other way to say it
10Baylor Ja'Kobe Walter is so much fun to watch
11 Gonzaga Congrats on beating Eastern Oregon, I CANNOT wait for this Purdue game
12 Miami (FL) I think they're really good, but they have a week off before a big game against BBN
13Texas A&M Can't wait for December to see 25 days of Buzz Williams' vests
14 Texas Could you imagine all the horns down if they lost to LOUISVILLE
15Kentucky Key word here is potential
16 North Carolina Bacot just wakes up, probably eats 9 pieces of bacon and puts up 18-13
17 Michigan State Feel like I'm breaking my own rules keeping a 2 loss team ranked in November, but neither loss seems to be that devastating
18 Alabama Idk a lot of teams I ranked ahead of them last week lost and they didn't
19 Florida Atlantic Bryant is NOT a good loss. But they have the benefit of the doubt and I don't think they'll spiral
20Colorado Tad took all the Deion inertia and built himself a squad
21 James Madison I believe they are now a basketball school, shoutout PFT
22 San Diego State Decent week to bounce back after a loss, but I don't think it warrants being any higher than this
23 Arkansas Essentially copy and paste the FAU note
24 Memphis Penny's first game back is Michigan. Start the popcorn and let the buffalo chicken dip simmer bc that could be #content
25 Princeton 4-0 and yet to play a home game. That matters

Overall Rationale