Travbowman's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas Didn't look great against Kentucky but got the W
2 Purdue Big week in Hawaii
3Arizona Scary good offense
4 Tennessee Big week in Hawaii
5 Creighton no change
6Marquette no change
7 UConn Looked good vs Indiana
8 Houston Six wins in 14 days is something
9Gonzaga Big week in Hawaii
10Baylor no change
11 Duke Solid win over MSU
12 Texas A&M no change
13Texas Abmas missing that shot would've been disastrous
14 Alabama still really good
15Kentucky moved them up after the L. Looked strong
16 North Carolina no changee
17 James Madison Feels like they'll linger between 17 and 25 for a long time
18 Virginia Lost a lot from last year but might be better?
19 Miami (FL) Still have to fix the defense
20Memphis Maybe the Mizzou win wasn't that great?
21 UCLA Big week in Hawaii
22 Iowa State Big 12 is crazy deep again
23 Oregon Looking to be a tournament team again
24 BYU I thought they were 12th or 13th best in the conference two weeks ago, not gonna lie
25 San Diego State The BYU loss not looking so bad now

Overall Rationale

Just missed: Mississippi St, Auburn, TCU, Colorado