Soterios's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas Looking solid. Win over Kentucky keeps them up top.
2 Arizona Already at five wins including Duke on the road.
3Purdue Xavier win is enough to keep them here for now.
4 Marquette @Illinois is a solid win.
5 UConn Twenty point win over Indianna is a strong showing.
6Duke Got the job done against Bucknetl
7 Houston Utah game was a bit shakey for them.
8 Miami (FL) Good wins over Georgia and Kansas State. Nijel Pack showing out.
9Tennessee Wisconsin and Wofford are decent enough wins.
10Creighton Schelerman and Alexander are looking strong.
11 Baylor After beating the POWERHOUSE in Kansas City, 11 seems right.
12 Texas A&M @Ohio State and @SMU are good wins.
13Kentucky QUALITY lose to Kansas on the resume.
14 Gonzaga They've played two games. What the hell do I do with that?
15Alabama Dominant wins where they should be.
16 Memphis Good win @MIzzou.
17 North Carolina Hello UNC. You have played three games and looked okish. Don't fire Hubert yet.
18 USC UC Irvine game was probably a fluke? Right USC? Don't make me look dumb.
19 Michigan State A two loss team at 19? Roast me. I think they're still good enough.
20Texas Close one against Louisville, guys. I'm watching you.
21 Illinois Marquette is a STRONG quality loss. Still looking like a top 25 team.
22 Arkansas UNC Greensboro? Yikes. Opportunity with Duke coming up to prove themselves.
23 Colorado da Silva. Is this enough explanation three games in?
24 Virginia Sure. v. Florida is enough to put them here.
25 UCLA They didn't lose just well enough to sneak in.

Overall Rationale

Ranking teams with two to four cupcake wins is hard. Let's start all these Turkey Week tournaments already!