FitIndependence6187's Week 3 Ballot

1 Purdue Top 5 will work itself out this week with 3 of my top 5 playing in the same tourney
2 Kansas
4 UConn
5 Tennessee
6Houston Team looks great, will move into the top 5 next week assuming they take care of business
7 Marquette Took care of a very good Illinois team on their court
8 Creighton Ok win at home vs. Iowa, Marquette @ UoI was much more impressive causing the swap
9Duke Decent win against MSU. Team has flaws but very talented.
10Alabama No real tests yet, only moving up due to attrition
11 Texas A&M Needs better competition than OSU to see how good they really are
12 Gonzaga Maui will tell us a lot about this team
13Kentucky Kept it close vs. one of the best teams in the nation, had them on the ropes but couldn't close
14 Baylor Took care of business against poor competition
15North Carolina Took care of business against poor competition
16 Texas Barely beat Louisville, let a couple teams pass them as a result
17 Miami (FL) Was lower on them than I should have been, beat 2 power 6 schools this week
18 Iowa State Another team I was too low on. Has dominated lesser teams.
19 TCU Took care of business vs. lesser opponents
20BYU Looked pretty good this week.
21 Illinois
22 Arkansas
23 Virginia
24 Memphis

Overall Rationale