Cre-Fiddy's Week 3 Ballot

1 UConn National Champs gotta be #1 until they lose
2 Kansas Tough game against Chaminade coming up
3Arizona Looking good - watch out for Princeton tho
4 Purdue Zach Edey is large
5 Marquette Even Dwyane Wade couldn't make Marquette look this good
6Gonzaga You doubt Gonzaga, don't you
7 Houston #7 is 7-0
8 Miami (FL) The U
9Creighton The ghost of McBuckets lives on
10Tennessee You're the only 10 I see
11 Duke Deep within, the loss to Arizona sits firmly
12 Texas A&M A team that will either be top 10 by the end of the year or lose to Memphis
13Baylor Remeber when they won the championship?
14 Iowa State Brock Purdy U
15Alabama Roll Tide?
16 Texas Escaped the world-beaters that are the Louisville Cardinals
17 North Carolina Cupcake schedule gaming
18 Virginia That Tony Bennett defense is back baby
19 Mississippi State KenPom says they're good (they will be an 11 seed again)
20Kentucky Coach Cal still exists (begrudgingly)
21 Colorado Colorado basketball is better than Colorado football (don't tell Deion)
22 Nebraska I believe in Nebrasketball supremacy
23 James Madison They may never lose again
24 UCLA Mick Cronin put his head in the Shine-O Ball-O
25 Princeton The Ivy is a multi-bid league. Hear me out

Overall Rationale