yung_communism's Week 3 Ballot

1 Kansas
2 Purdue
4 Marquette
5 Creighton
7 Houston
8 Tennessee
11 Miami (FL) (+5) getting the 'MTE Winner' bump
12 Gonzaga
13Texas A&M
14 Texas (+1) Moves up due to not many other options but don't think I forgot about the Louisville game, we'll see if they can hang with UCONN
15Auburn (+7) Another 'MTE Winner' bump, not much else to go off of right now
16 Mississippi State (+9) See "Auburn"
17 Memphis
18 BYU (+6)
19 North Carolina
20Kentucky (+1) Lots of promise, despite the Kansas loss, another good test in Miami coming up
21 Alabama (+1)
22 Virginia NEW
23 James Madison
24 San Diego State NEW
25 Illinois NEW

Overall Rationale

IN: Virginia, San Diego State, Illinois OUT: FAU, Arkansas, Villanova NEXT IN LINE: Iowa State, Arkansas, UCLA, FAU, USC