peachios's Week 4 Ballot

1 Houston idk didnt look that good against kent but did win
2 Texas like also won, but not like their opponents were that strong either, real close 2nd tho
3Arizona now I am writing this before sunday games, as I have to drive across the state tomorrow and its snowy so i wont have time
4 Purdue BEEG jump, amazing zaga win and duke win, like damn, and the west virginia win isnt bad either
5 Virginia quiet week after their strong last week
6Creighton strong! week, a great and good win and a loss by 2 only against a team now above them
7 UConn nate oates has them doing well again, great win against unc close tho lol
8 Alabama solid team so far and good sdst win, creighton loss is close as well and top tier team
9Arkansas as is kinda common early year big jumps from great tourney winners (or near winners)
10Gonzaga strong schedule so far this year and 2-2 in those tough games, so kinda belong up high (and look up vs xavier)
11 Tennessee damn great win, really that colorado draggin them and they are still 11
12 Indiana still winning, at least UNC is a hard game
13Kansas looked in danger of losing and then did
14 Duke well winning is good, osu is a little close but thats fine
15Michigan State another 2 loss higher tier team idk
16 Illinois another easy week for them this past week
17 Iowa State decent to big jump, should've been higher maybe tho nova win atm looks meh
18 Kentucky
19 Baylor its either in a great tourney or play no namers I guess?
20North Carolina giant drop, they have looked iffy kinda so far and finally lost. honestly this is probably waay to far, and the loss vs alabama is basically a tie 4ot
21 Auburn
23 San Diego State rough week, like good OSU win it appears, zona loss was by a lot they shot amazing, but arky was close. diego seems solid
24 Maryland more undefeateds but havent played some great teams yet
25 Ohio State some ok wins and loss wasn't trash. duke game will show a lot

Overall Rationale