Mills_Miles's Week 4 Ballot

1 Texas
2 Virginia
3Purdue MY GOODNESS! what a week for this school
4 Houston a tough win against kent state, but looking at Kent's resume they could be a huge mid major threat in march. nothing to be ashamed of
5 Arizona the maui invitational somehow made me more convinced of the legitimacy of each team. Except for Louisville. Jesus Christ Louisville.
7 Arkansas
8 North Carolina
11 Kansas
12 Baylor
14 Gonzaga what are you this year? this a genuine question. everyone is using you as the basis for why Texas and now Purdue is good. if they're not, then you're non-con will somehow looks even worse
16 Indiana
17 Illinois
19 Kentucky
20San Diego State like I said, im convinced of SDSU's legitimacy, but w losses will keep you stagnate for now
21 Maryland
22 Iowa
23 Charleston huh. never thought you'd be the benefactor of having only one game this week, let alone a 2 point win to Kent. Maybe its my soft spot to the mid majors.
24 Iowa State
25 Tennessee

Overall Rationale

I need to sleep early since im traveling early in the morning. Im operating under the assumption that UConn beats Iowa State (30-19, 3:25 in first half)