Hackasizlak's Week 4 Ballot

1 Purdue Yeah I get it looks like a homer pick, but 4 P6 wins, including two double digit wins against top 10 teams is the best resume in the country for now.
2 Virginia Note on my process: if you haven't beaten any team that has a chance in hell at an large AND have multiple losses, I don't rank you. Sorry UCLA, UK, and UNC. You'll be in soon I assume.
4 Arizona
5 Texas
7 UConn
8 Tennessee
11 Indiana
12 Gonzaga
14 Auburn
16 Alabama
17 Duke
18 San Diego State
19 Ohio State
20Michigan State
21 Illinois
22 Mississippi State
23 West Virginia
24 Sam Houston Probably not actually top 25 but 2 away wins at P6 teams is the best mid-major resume out there right now, deserves recognition.
25 Oklahoma 17-25 was tough. Could rearrange them in almost any order.

Overall Rationale

26. Iowa St. 27. Penn State 28. Iowa 29. St. John's 30. Wisconsin