falconlover79's Week 4 Ballot

1 Purdue Zach Edey NPOY, who says no?
2 Arizona Once again the Wildcats are probably the most fun team in the country
3UConn Even when Sanogo has an off night, this 7'2" freshman is ready to shine. This Huskies team is SO deep and talented.
4 Texas I really wish Texas played an MTE this year, that said the Creighton game this week should be fun
5 Houston Another team that's just been leaped by teams playing tougher schedules
6Virginia The fun thing about this year's Virginia team is that apparently they have a top 5 offense? Let's see if that sustains itself
7 Maryland Damn, Maryland really lucked out with their B1G-ACC opponent
8 Creighton It's hard not to be impressed with their Maui performance, all the sophomore leaps plus Scheierman and Kalk's experience is a deadly combo
9Alabama To be fair, this is actually lower than I had Alabama last week, I think Quinerly is still working his way back and Miller won't play worse than he did against UNC.
10Tennessee Yeah, I guess the Colorado game was just a weird aberration? They've been very overwhelming otherwise
11 Mississippi State I really liked the Chris Jans hire, and boy has he brought a feisty defense with him to Starkville. Marquette and Utah are wins that will get better with time
12 Indiana Big week ahead for the Hooisers, UNC is tough but going to the RAC might actually be a bigger challenge
13Auburn A hard fought win over a gritty SLU team, let's just not talk about the Northwestern game
14 Kansas Kansas really could've lost all 3 of their games this week, you can't play with fire like that if you want to win the B12
15Saint Mary's Losing to Washington is a tough look, but it was mostly just an off-shooting night for a normally very efficient team
16 Baylor A tough week ahead for Baylor, one where their defensive limitations could be exposed
17 Iowa State No shame in losing to UConn, this defense is going to win them a lot of big games but their offense will shoot them out of some too
18 Sam Houston Without preseason weighting, they rank 9th on T-rank and 7th in WAB, the Bearkats may just be legit, much to Oklahoma and Utah's relief.
19 Ohio State I thought they had a good week at Maui too, Sueing is already showing signs of improvement even with his poor 3pt shooting, and Sensabaugh is a stud
20Arkansas Anthony Black is a stud, but what happened to all this supposed depth? The Hogs will get Nick Smith at some point but several transfers just aren't playing
21 Gonzaga It's hard to gauge this team, Timme and the transition offense keeps them in any game, but any other player/situation has me worried.
22 Kansas State I believe in Jerome Tang. Keyontae Johnson and Marquis Nowell are a deadly combo, there really may not be any bad teams in the B12.
23 West Virginia Is Huggins back? They discarded Florida with no problem, and they still have a stud transfer waiting for January.
24 San Diego State Yes that does make 5 Maui teams ranked, for those keeping track at home. The Aztecs represented themselves well against some tough competition.
25 Utah State Anybody have Steven Ashworth as a nearly 20PPG scorer? Next 10: Illinois, Kentucky, UC Irvine, Memphis, Duke, Texas Tech, UCLA, Southern Miss, Oklahoma, NC State

Overall Rationale

Preseason priors are pretty much out the window by now, so the teams who have performed best so far are being rewarded. This is through a mix of advanced metrics (KenPom, T-rank) and resume metrics (WAB, SOR). As always, my rankings are incredibly fluid for the first few months, so things can change quickly.