Travbowman's Week 4 Ballot

1 Purdue Best resume so far
2 Virginia Didn't have a bad week but got passed by what Purdue did
3Arizona Maui was a fantastic showing
4 UConn I'm I believer in them now after Portland
5 Texas Good but need wins away from home
6Houston Need to get their offense going
7 Baylor Quiet week
8 Tennessee Back to the top ten after Atlantis
9Kansas The loss was ugly but it was after an OT slugfest
10Indiana Quiet week in Bloomington
11 Creighton Nice week in Maui
12 Alabama Good squad
13Arkansas Do I deduct points for Muss being a jerk?
14 Gonzaga The two losses aren't good, but they still are piling up quality wins
15Auburn I'd like to see them against top 25 teams
16 San Diego State Small drop after Maui
17 Iowa State Guess I wrote them off too quickly this off season
18 Kentucky No idea what these guys are
19 Illinois No change
20UCLA No change
21 Maryland No great wins but plenty of solid ones
22 Duke Lots of things to work out still
23 Michigan State Up and down but have to reward this schedule
24 Wisconsin Great week in Atlantis
25 Sam Houston They have two good wins away from home already

Overall Rationale

Loved this week for seeing where teams are. Lots of surprises