RagingLasagna's Week 4 Ballot

1 Arizona That display in Maui was one of the more impressive stretches I've seen. Tommy Lloyd has the boys DIALED
2 Houston If they would've beat Kent State by more, they'd be #1
3Virginia Tell me why they shouldn't be #3. Bennett Ball in full effect
4 Creighton Kalkbrenner might be my favorite player in the country
5 Texas Fine, Texas fans, maybe you're a top 5 team. Quinn Ewers is still bad
6Baylor I feel like I don't know one person on this team and they're still good, s/o Scott Drew
7 Kansas Is Gradey Dick the best caucasian player in the country?
8 Indiana Woody's goatee looks too good to be true
9Arkansas Their entire program has an attitude problem, which may hold them back from being a team playing in April
10North Carolina Caleb Love thinks he's Kobe-taking way too many bad shots and letting his team down
11 Gonzaga Timme is really good, but he cannot carry them as far as Zags' fans want
12 UCLA IDK why Mick is still wearing a suit
13Purdue They might need to transfer Zach Edey over to the football team for a week
14 UConn Andre Jackson S tier athlete
15Duke Jon Scheyer looks like Freddie Prinze Jr.
16 San Diego State This Aztec team would finish top 4 in the Pac12
17 Alabama Yeah they beat UNC, but they did not look particularly good on either side of the ball
18 Kentucky This Cal team might be very underwhelming
19 Illinois I feel like they're better than #19, but there're a lot of good teams
20Auburn It's still early, but they could be in trouble come SEC play
21 Tennessee On pace to be the weirdest team to judge all year
22 Michigan State I feel like they would beat Eastern Michigan by more than 5
23 Maryland Willard, SVP - maybe being bald is cool ?
24 Portland They deserve love for the showing in front of Phil Knight
25 Cincinnati Winning the 7th place game in Maui might be the hardest game to win all year

Overall Rationale