peachios's Week 5 Ballot

1 Houston ez quiet week get bama next weekend is fun
2 Texas another big win, maybe hsould be 1, texas is now a basketball state (like last year) illinois this week too, what a schedule
3Purdue uh florida state was goign to be a good game, but idk hat happened to them
4 Virginia sorta same, but at least had a great michigan game
5 UConn solid win against okla state i think idk them this year really
6Arkansas continue winning at least but weak schedule this week, next week have oklahoma for some
7 Alabama mm against houston this'll be fun
8 Maryland still winning and first real test win against ilinois, upcoming is tenn
9Tennessee hey its teen easy wins but maryland is above them atm (idk if its deserved just cause they lost ot utah, but we'll see soon)
10Baylor well beating gonzaga is great (I think? they lose to top teams a lot now this year) losing to marquette by a billion isnt great
11 Kansas maybe a lil low, easy wins so far tho
12 Kentucky idk michigan seems asolid win to me
13Creighton nebraska loss is kinda shit, texas loss is fine
14 Duke osu win is decent hto heart it wasnt looking as good, BC is ez win so thats solid
15Arizona utah by 15? wtf, gues they hate the mountains
16 Mississippi State kinda getting a boost from history, and teams now beating others, as them beating marquette looks better now and utah was a fine win especially as they got tenn and zona now, maybe too low here)
17 Auburn hmm really havent beaten anyone near who miss state has., and might not get a chance for a little
18 Gonzaga lost to baylor only game of the week and super xlose, maybe shouldn't drop as far as I did (I had higher) but baylor got maruetted too
19 Indiana UNC win, good? maybe, rutgers loss, not good
20Illinois dominated cuse as expected, but got upset by maryland which isn't
21 UCLA unfortuantely due to movement didnt go far, but some early season pac12 dominance
22 San Diego State
23 Iowa State hmm maybe a basketball school again
24 Marquette ditto (well idk if they were ever anything else) but shaka at a smaller school seems good
25 Ohio State uh lost to duke, expected, beat some saint, expected

Overall Rationale