Travbowman's Week 5 Ballot

1 Purdue Still dominating
2 Virginia Another good week
3UConn Beat a solid OK State team
4 Houston Passed their first of three tests
5 Texas Want to see how they do outside their home state
6Arizona Won't hold the road loss against them too much
7 Tennessee Quietly destroyed two nobodies
8 Kansas Made SHU look mid major
9Maryland Biggest jump of the week for me
10Auburn Still need to see them against real teams
11 Alabama No change
12 Arkansas No change
13Indiana Winning at the RAC is hard
14 Baylor Needed that win vs the Zags
15Kentucky Needed that win vs Michigan
16 San Diego State MWC looking spicy
17 Gonzaga This schedule has been a gauntlet
18 UCLA Slow climb back up the list
19 Iowa State Nothing new
20Creighton Losing to Nebraska should probably drop the out on principle
21 Duke Ohio St win was solid
22 Illinois UMD loss isn't a bad one
23 Charleston Debut to my list for this one loss team
24 Virginia Tech Their one loss is looking better by the minute
25 Mississippi State This is a really good defense

Overall Rationale

Not as crazy a week as feast week but some changes here and there