Mills_Miles's Week 5 Ballot

1 Texas
2 Purdue
4 Houston
5 UConn
7 Alabama
8 Arizona
11 Maryland
12 Auburn
14 Illinois QUALITY LOSS?! seriously though, easy to move up when
15UCLA you edge out UCLA from beating them earlier,
16 Creighton Creighton lost twice,
17 Baylor Baylor lost by 26,
18 Gonzaga Gonzaga still can't decide if they want to be good this year,
19 Indiana and the trapezoid took another victim.
20San Diego State
21 Iowa Even with all those losses from teams above, I do think they still belong in the top for now. But they're teetering on just one so-so loss sending them straight off the list.
22 Charleston
23 Iowa State
24 Tennessee
25 Virginia Tech Utah State, St Louis, and Miami considered.

Overall Rationale

I have realized we are now in Charleston's conference, and my season somehow got even worse.