finalfourcuse's Week 5 Ballot

1 Houston Fairly unimpressive schedule for Houston so far, but they've been dominant. Big test on Saturday against Alabama.
2 Texas Solidified their status with the win against Creighton.
3Virginia Virginia Basketball.
4 Purdue Zach Edey is the frontrunner for Player of the Year.
5 UConn The Huskies have incredible depth and have performed well against tournament level competition.
6Kansas Dominant 26-point victory over Seton Hall. Jalen Wilson is an early NPOY candidate.
7 Arizona With their previous good wins, I wonder if the road loss to Utah was a fluke.
8 Tennessee Played a pair of inferior opponents this weeks but looked the part.
9Creighton There's a bit of a consistency gap between the top 8 and the rest. It starts with Creighton, especially after a home loss to Nebraska.
10Baylor After the embarrassing loss to Marquette, the Bears bounced back and beat Gonzaga.
11 Gonzaga With their three losses coming against top teams, it's clear that the Zags have a long way to go to reach the top. They are running out of opportunities.
12 Maryland Maryland continues to convince people of their potential. Big week for them coming up.
13Indiana Hoping their loss to Rutgers isn't a sign of things to come. We'll see how they look against Arizona.
14 Arkansas Relatively untested, but has looked solid.
15Illinois Won't read into the Maryland loss too much. This is a solid team.
16 Alabama Another big opportunity coming for the Tide against Houston.
17 San Diego State In convincing win against St. Mary's will go a long way in solidifying their position.
18 UCLA Two good wins against Stanford and Oregon. UCLA looks like a tournament team, but it remains to be seen if they can be more.
19 Kentucky Beating Michigan was the strongest of their season, but they need to do more. At least the metrics like them a lot.
20Duke Good win against Ohio State.
21 Ohio State Quality loss against Duke. :)
22 Auburn Waiting for something meaningful to happen. Their ceiling is much higher than 22.
23 Charleston Stayed solid this week with a pair of double digit wins.
24 Mississippi State There's a lot to like about this team.
25 Iowa Keegan Murray, Kris Murray, same difference.

Overall Rationale

Also Considered: Saint Mary's, Saint Louis, Michigan State, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, Miami FL, Iowa State, Utah State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Memphis, Arizona State, TCU, West Virginia, Marquette, Rutgers, Utah