corndogshuffle's Week 5 Ballot

1 Purdue +2
2 Virginia -1
3Texas +1
4 UConn +2
5 Houston 0. Houston beat a good Saint Mary's team. Their first ranked test looms - the Cougars take on Alabama this Saturday.
6Maryland +15 Overreaction? Maybe. I don't know. But Maryland is undefeated with a top 20 KenPom win - one of only five teams that can say that.
7 Arizona -5. I wish I had P12 Network. Anyway, Arizona picked up their first loss at Utah, who is KenPom #51.
8 Tennessee 0
9Arkansas +2
10Kansas +4
11 Alabama 0
12 Indiana -3.
13Illinois 0
14 Baylor -2. Baylor was a yo-yo this week, getting absolutely blasted by Marquette before winning against Gonzaga.
15Creighton -8. I wouldn't have dropped Creighton much (if at all) for their loss to Texas. Losing to Nebraska, at home, for their third straight loss, was not a great look for the Blue Jays.
16 Duke +9
17 Mississippi State NR. I was already going to rank Mississippi State if they were still undefeated this week, but with the Marquette win all of a sudden looking really good, MState leaped in instead of stepping in.
18 Auburn 0
19 Gonzaga -4. Gonzaga continues to lose big games but is buoyed by solid wins over teams like Kentucky, Xavier, and Michigan State.
20San Diego State -3
21 Iowa State +1
22 UCLA -2
23 Marquette NR. Bit of a roller coaster week, absolutely embarrassing Baylor before losing to Wisconsin at home.
24 Miami (FL) NR. Miami's only loss is to Maryland, and their win against Rutgers looks more and more solid as the season goes on.
25 Kentucky -6. Kentucky's resume is aging like milk. A neutral court win against Michigan keeps the Cats in my top 25.

Overall Rationale

I'm getting a better handle on what I think of these teams and their resumes. There are still going to be wild swings for a few weeks (I think) but that is starting to settle down. Next five: Xavier, Ohio State, Utah State, Missouri, Rutgers