peachios's Week 6 Ballot

1 Purdue not a hard week but made it out , tho nebrasketball maybe
2 Virginia well we'll see if they can get anotehr big one thisweek
3UConn damn its like pore 2015 up in th eNE
4 Alabama well that win was huge someonefinally getting houston
5 Houston well at least their first loss was to a top ranked team
6Texas similar to houston in that sense i suppose. have some easy wins coming in tho
7 Arkansas with their 5 star back still cruising
8 Arizona seems normally dec is pretty meh but solid win and another tough test coming
9Tennessee ditto
10Baylor idk why it feels like some teams had easy slates, when they weren't really easy
11 Kansas i have them slightly low, but big jump if they get the easy win
12 Kentucky
13Duke quiet for sure
14 Indiana another top team test upcoming
15Mississippi State i guess stil undefeated
16 Gonzaga wonder where they might end up sitting I guess dpends how the bama game goes
17 UCLA quite the slate incoming
18 Maryland rough week but @ big 10 team and tenn who is solid
19 Miami (FL) lot of wins, only loss isn't bad, not a great win yet tho so thats why not as high up
21 Texas Tech
22 Ohio State
23 Wisconsin
24 Xavier
25 Auburn

Overall Rationale