Travbowman's Week 6 Ballot

1 Purdue Road wins in conference aren't easy
2 UConn Passed UVA with the win at UF
3Virginia Quiet week
4 Arizona Looking dominant again
5 Tennessee Escaped vs UMD
6Kansas All cylinders firing in the road win
7 Alabama What an impressive comeback at UH
8 Houston First loss was not bad but a missed opportunity
9Texas Failed first real test away from home
10Arkansas Solid week
11 Baylor No change
12 Kentucky No change
13Gonzaga Two decent home wins
14 UCLA No change
15Indiana Outclassed by Zona
16 Duke Strong week
17 Auburn Not sure how good they are
18 Maryland Two losses weren't bad but it's still two in one week
19 Charleston Keep winning
20Virginia Tech Accumulating solid wins
21 Mississippi State Still killing it on D
22 Illinois These guys are all over the place
23 Xavier Good win in a rivalry game
24 West Virginia Huggins can still coach
25 Memphis Good win vs Auburn

Overall Rationale

With more games played this gets harder, not easier for some reason