RagingLasagna's Week 6 Ballot

1 UConn These boys are punking everybody
2 Virginia I really wanted Houston-UVA to be 1-2
3Purdue Zach Edey is HIM
4 Kansas Really like Dick
5 Arizona Kriisa is their ceiling
6Alabama So maybe they are really good
7 Houston Temporary fall bc of loss. Redemption game on Saturday
8 Arkansas Will be interesting to see how they adjust without Brazile
9Texas Frauds. Win a game outside of Texas
10Tennessee How the hell did they lose to Colorado?
11 Duke Quietest Duke team ever
12 Baylor IDK how to place this team, but I know where to place them... 12th
13UCLA Mick looks so silly in his suits
14 Indiana NEED JHS back
15Gonzaga This team is just going to mingle all year
16 Kentucky BIG double digit win vs. Yale
17 Illinois Showed a lot of guts coming back against Texas, letdown loss
18 Maryland Kevin Willard seems like the nicest guy ever
19 Virginia Tech Battle of Virginia could be really good this year
20Auburn I have a really hard time seeing what this team's identity is
21 Mississippi State This defense is lethal
22 Ohio State Just think where they'll be if they get Bronny
23 Creighton The difference between their 4 game losing streaks and UNC's is that Arkansas win
24 Utah State 12th in the NET + you're undefeated
25 Charleston Shoutout to Dalton Bolon, pride of Gnadenhutten, OH

Overall Rationale

Honorable mentions to UNLV and New Mexico, if you keep winning, I will rank you.