Maladroit44's Week 6 Ballot

1 UConn still hasn't won a game by even single digits.
2 Purdue but reddit will put purdue at number one, since that went so well last time
4 Virginia the acc runs through the commonwealth pt. 1
5 Houston
6Texas oh thank god I can stop pretending texas is winning the next ten natties because of a big home win over a powerfully mid gonzaga team
7 Tennessee
9Mississippi State
11 Arkansas
12 Gonzaga
13Wisconsin start connor essegian
14 Maryland terps? more like. more like. twerps. get it. twerps. twer
15Indiana the big ten is hell
16 Arizona
17 Auburn
18 Kentucky
19 Duke fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine
20Ohio State
21 Charleston
22 Virginia Tech the acc runs through the commonwealth pt. 2
23 Baylor
24 Illinois
25 VMI vmi gets socon team of the week again?? the keydets beat non-d1 carlow and rival radford and are suddenly on a winning streak, look out socon

Overall Rationale

sorry, no proper explanations this week. exam season is a cruel mistress. also considered: sdsu, iowa state, new mexico, utah, unlv, utah state, west virginia, st mary's, marquette, iowa