TommyTwoTaps's Week 6 Ballot

1 Purdue LW: 4 (+3) ... Jumps over Virginia having played more impressively as of the past week
2 Virginia LW: 3 (+1) ... like the team and resume, wasn't impressed by lackluster wins in the week
3UConn LW: 6 (+3) ... Huskies almost made the jump to #2, but I like the Cavs wins a bit more overall this season. This was close
4 Tennessee LW: 5 (+1) ... held on to beat a good Maryland team and secure a 2nd Q1 win
5 Kansas LW: 7 (+2) ... oof for Missouri
6Alabama LW: 11 (+5) ... a very good true road win against the previous AP #1, this team is very good and looks a lot better than a year ago
7 Houston LW: 2 (-5) ... dropping below Alabama based on h2h, despite advanced rankings having them higher
8 Texas LW: 1 (-7) ... while the Longhorns were ahead of Houston last week ,the Cougs had two Q1 wins while Texas has 2 wins across Q1 and 2 (Houston has 4)
9Arizona LW: 9 (-) ... took care of business against a strong Hoosiers squad
10Arkansas LW: 10 (-) ... a very impressive second half to close out Oklahoma, will be interested to see how the loss of Brazile affects them long term
11 Duke LW: 15 (+5) ... looked good against Iowa
12 UCLA LW: 14 (+2) ... top-10 in both KenPom and Torvik earns the Bruins the tiebreaker over Kentucky
13Kentucky LW: 13 (-) ... see above
14 Baylor LW: 12 (-2) ... I liked UCLA and Kentucky's wins the past week more than Tarleton
15Auburn LW: 8 (-7) ... the offense worries me a bit as the Memphis was the first true test and they couldn't keep up
16 Illinois LW: 18 (+2) ... the loss to Penn State was bad, but moving the Illini up due to the win over Texas
17 Gonzaga LW: 20 (+3) ... liked the wins over UW and Kent, but Illinois takes the tiebreaker due to the win over a common opponent (Texas)
18 Indiana LW: 17 (-1) ... intriguied to see how this team does against Kansas with both on full rest
19 Xavier LW: 22 (+3) ... all three losses are to teams I have in my top 20 (Gonzaga, Duke, Indiana) by a combined 11 points. Really like this team and the schedule they've played
20West Virginia LW: 23 (+7) ... while not as high on the Mountaineers as Torvik, this team has impressed against inferior opponents while playing well against Xavier and Purdue
21 Maryland LW: 16 (-5) ... impressed by the comeback effort against Tennessee, but a tough 2-loss week for the Terps with another tough home game against UCLA on deck
22 Virginia Tech LW: 24 (+2) ... heart doctors are gonna love Va Tech fans
23 Mississippi State LW: 25 (+2) ... while not fully impressed by the nonconference schedule, the Bulldogs are off to a strong start much like last year
24 Memphis LW: NR ... just outside the rankings last week and in now with the win over Auburn
25 Saint Mary's LW: NR ... solid win over SDSU, just not as high on them right now as other polls

Overall Rationale

OUT: San Diego State (19), Creighton (21); 26-30: San Diego State, Wisconsin, Utah State, Ohio State, Marquette