peachios's Week 7 Ballot

1 Purdue i figure fine to keep here before the quiet times
2 UConn could be #1 as well
3Houston big victory over virginia
4 Virginia finally lost sure, but to houston who seems great
5 Kansas big win over indiana but i had them slightly lower so a bigger jump is fine
6Arizona another solid win against tennessee
7 Arkansas bleh week but i guess thats fine
8 Tennessee lost to arizona at arizona idk
9Baylor exists this week
10Gonzaga really great year, only losses to upper teams and have some solid wins
11 Alabama lost to gonzaga so dropped as they are nearish in record and who they've lost to
12 Texas this is rough they are still doingwell ish and undefeated, but without their coach
13UCLA big week to get by the middle ground teams other than tourney looked real solid
14 Duke the ol' we care about school week
15Mississippi State just keep winning, is this old school clemson/VT where they are undefeated then get to league play and look not great?
16 Illinois
17 Indiana rough loss for sure, but lost their PG and idk kansas great
18 Kentucky
19 Auburn
21 Wisconsin
22 Miami (FL)
23 Virginia Tech
24 Maryland dropping like a fly?
25 West Virginia

Overall Rationale