Travbowman's Week 7 Ballot

1 Purdue The gap between them and UConn is miniscule
2 UConn I have no issues with anyone thinking they're first
3Arizona Have looked really good against a lot of teams
4 Kansas When they fire on all cylinders they're scary
5 Houston Wins at UVA aren't easy
6Virginia No shame in that first loss
7 Gonzaga Eight Q1/Q2 games already
8 Alabama Defense was optional Saturday
9Tennessee Kept it interesting in Tucson
10UCLA They're back now?
11 Texas Efficiency is great but resume isn't
12 Baylor One game in 15 days is hard to jidge
13Arkansas Creighton no longer a a quality opponent
14 Duke Sliding up slowly
15Virginia Tech Best year ever for Hokies?
16 Mississippi State Keep winning ugly
17 Charleston If they keep winning what will the committee do with them?
18 Wisconsin Should be in thick of Big Ten race again
19 West Virginia Huggins can really coach
20Arizona State Rewarding them for all the games away from home
21 New Mexico I guess they're pretty good?
22 Utah State Still undefeated
23 Illinois Still have no idea what they are
24 Indiana Warning lights are flashing
25 Xavier Second best team in Big East?

Overall Rationale

What a great Saturday!