RagingLasagna's Week 7 Ballot

1 UConn There's not much more you can say about this squad
2 Purdue Congrats on winning the Loyer Bowl
3Kansas This team is so much fun to watch
4 Houston Key word: gritty
5 Virginia Gotta make shots to win games
6Arizona Excellent win, didn't watch any of it
7 Arkansas I hope Nick Smith passed all his finals
8 Alabama Good news: can score 90. Bad News: can give up 100
9UCLA Extremely dangerous team outside of Nevada
10Texas Book 'Em Horns
11 Baylor I can't believe I stayed up until midnight to watch them beat Wazzu
12 Duke Excellent week, they didn't lose
13Tennessee This team makes me feel nothing
14 Gonzaga Best performance of the year, maybe a jumpstart into the new year
15Illinois Alabama A&M is 335 in the NET
16 Virginia Tech I just wanna shoutout Buzz Williams' vests for paving the way
17 Mississippi State Did not sniff a cover, but 2 wins during finals week, I can't dock you too much
18 Kentucky This team feels like they have no identity
19 Indiana Frauds ?
20New Mexico Love me some Pitino #Casamigos
21 Utah State Undefeated
22 Maryland See: Indiana
23 Arizona State The flying Hurley Brothers in full effect
24 Florida Atlantic 3 true road wins. Best team in Florida
25 Louisville Honestly, they deserve this for 1 week

Overall Rationale