TommyTwoTaps's Week 7 Ballot

1 Purdue LW: 1 (-)
2 UConn LW: 3 (+1) ... I like Purdue's wins a bit better, but it's very close between these two.
3Kansas LW: 5 (+2) ... 5-1 against Q1 opponents and they've looked very strong in the last three games
4 Houston LW: 7 (+3) ... really good win over Virginia, I think they're fourth though based on schedule but I'm very high on this team
5 Virginia LW: 2 (-3) ... good team, just lost to a strong Houston team. Still have them in the top 5
6Arizona LW: 9 (+3) ... looked really good against Tennessee, a second Q1 win on consecutive Saturdays
7 UCLA LW: 12 (+4) ... beating Maryland by 27 doesn't even do the performance justice, the Bruins were so dominant in that game and followed it up with another big win
8 Tennessee LW: 4 (-4) ... nothing much to add, a good team but just came up short to Zona
9Texas LW: 8 (-1) ... not going to punish them for the Rice game, the Longhorns played well this week all things considered
10Gonzaga LW: 17 (+7) ... solid showing against the Tide, offense looked really strong
11 Alabama LW: 6 (-5) ... this is a good team man, Nate Oats is doing something down in Tuscaloosa. Couldn't quite keep pace with the Zags
12 Arkansas LW: 10 (-2) ... dropping spots due to SoS
13Duke LW: 11 (-2) ... played UMES, hence the slight drop
14 Baylor LW: 14 (-) ...
15Illinois LW: 16 (+1) ...
16 Kentucky LW: 13 (-3) ... not quite as high on the Cats as some rankings, but they didn't look bad against UCLA. Just went cold in the last 5 minutes
17 Xavier LW: 19 (+2) ... I think they're 7th (35th overall) in SoS amongst P6 schools, hence the high ranking. All three losses by a combined 11 points to teams in my Top 20
18 West Virginia LW: 20 (+2) ... still not as high on the Mountaineers as Torvik (11th), but the SoS is 42nd in the country and they've took care of business well out of conference
19 Memphis LW: 24 (+5) ... Tigers have looked good thus far and looked so good against Alabama, which is why they jump 5 spots despite going 1-1
20Auburn LW: 15 (-5) ... USC may turn out to be good, but current rankings have them outside the top 50 so the Tigers drop 5 spots. Still, I think this team is better than some ranked teams in other polls
21 Indiana LW: 18 (-3) ... pretty ugly loss to Kansas, but the SoS is high and saves the Hoosiers this week
22 Virginia Tech LW: 22 (-) ... see the comments for explanation on lack of movement
23 Mississippi State LW: 23 (-) ... see the comments for explanation on lack of movement
24 Arizona State LW: NR ... despite recent struggles, I still think the Creighton win is good and along with the Michigan win this team looks much better than the one that lost to texas Southern
25 Wisconsin LW: NR ... I give them the edge over Marquette due to h2h win. The two losses aren't that bad and the 7 game stretch prior to Lehigh was a pretty competitive one which is why they're SoS is 26th

Overall Rationale

OUT: Maryland(21), Saint Mary's (25) | 26-30: Saint Mary's, Miami (FL), Marquette, New Mexico, Utah State | Scheduling plays a big part in my rankings early on. TCU has just two games in Q1-Q3 and doesn't appear in the rankings for that reason. Mississippi State did not move up for similar reasons. Essentially, just because a team beats up on low level opponents, doesn't mean they'll jump teams that lose (even badly) to strong opponents. I know that's not really popular, but it's the best way right now for me when it comes to deciding those final few spots.