RagingLasagna's Week 8 Ballot

1 UConn Staying dominant
2 Purdue Painter? Barely know her
3Houston They're just dangerous all around
4 Kansas Are Dick and Wilson the best 1-2 punch in the country?
5 Arizona Tubelis continuing the legacy of legendary Lithuanian big men
6Arkansas If they just take care of their own business, could be smooth sailing
7 Alabama Brandon Miller is HIM
8 UCLA UCLA-Arizona has game of the year potential
9Virginia Valiant comeback, but a loss is a loss
11 Baylor Flagler is a bucket
12 Tennessee I should probably watch one Tennessee game this year
13Gonzaga "Sleeper" team. Could be an extremely dangerous 4 seed
14 Indiana Win over UNC is looking better but have to monitor the Xavier Johnson injury
15Duke I hope you got your loved ones the Mr. K 2-for-1 deal on Masterclass for Christmas
16 New Mexico Fewest losses by any team west of the Mississippi River #PitinoPride
17 Virginia Tech 0-2 on the road, not great. But every team past 15 is kinda jumbled and I think they could beat everyone behind them
18 Miami (FL) Big boy win against the Hoos
19 North Carolina Big wins against the Big Ten. They seem to have found their groove again.
20Kentucky Their resume stinks and Cal seems uninterested. SEC play will teach us a lot
21 Mississippi State Not the greatest loss, but still their only one and their defense still warrants a top 21 ranking.
22 Maryland I have no real read on this team at all.
23 Florida Atlantic They're winning AND covering. Double digit win streaks keep you ranked
24 Charleston Only loss to UNC and they beat VA Tech. They have yet to play a game outside of the Carolinas
25 Auburn I was between Auburn, Ohio State and Illinois for this spot and Auburn is the only one that's won a road game

Overall Rationale

Since the Butthurt Brigade got me last week, I would like to shoutout Cal for winning a game and SIU for the biggest spread upset ever (allegedly). Next 5: Ohio State, Illinois, West Virginia, Wisconsin, LSU